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Nanny Extraordinaire

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Hello and Welcome. I am The Nanny Extraordinaire!

About Your Provider:

I am the mother of two beautiful girls. Kylianna is my oldest; very outgoing and very creative. She loves doing gymnastics, drawing, singing, and writing songs. Mahaila is my youngest, full of energy, and very sweet. She loves swimming, gymnastics, animals, and also enjoys playing outside whenever she can. And me? My name is Jenni and I'm the lucky one they call Mommy!


I have been working in healthcare, while also providing  in-home childcare, since my daughters were born. I also work as a cook and a server. I love being a childcare provider, as it allows me to spend time with my own two children, while also providing for them financially. I am a Licensed Nursing Assistant and I work in healthcare when time allows. I am also CPR and First Aid Certified. 


I have always enjoyed working with children! They are fun to be around and are much wiser than most adults give them credit for. Seeing their young minds develop is very satisfying work and it is my intention to help raise a generation of happy, healthy children. Through the years, watching the children grow from babies to school age, I am proud to know that I made a difference!

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     For Meal Delivery or Home Health Care Services:



"I love to get creative with the kids, writing is a passion of mine, and I like to organize and design things. Photography is my hobby and it's great when I manage to capture a special moment on film! I like to listen to music and read, teach my daughters how to cook, and, most of all, I love that my job is to play with kids all day."


What do my daughters think about me doing childcare?

They love it! They like that they can be home with me more, while still getting to play with other children and go on fun outings all the time.